Monday, March 25, 2013

Airtel Free Internet 3G With PD-Proxy March 2013

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On the latest update for PD-Proxy free gprs trick: PD-proxy trick is working once again in many states. Airtel free gprs with PD-proxy is working again with new header settings which are given below. This pd proxy trick is the most simpler than other tricks of airtel free gprs for 2013. As per my views and concerns regarding free pd proxy, this PD proxy Airtel trick gives much better speed than all pother TCP Configs, Thanks to the Premium High Speed Pd Proxy servers and also to the developer of this Trick.

Airtel Free Internet with PD-Proxy working again Feb March 2013:-


Just follow the easy steps and enjoy free 3g internet on airtel with pd proxy free internet tricks for airtel Feb March 2013.

Create your account at

Download pd-proxy

Use it with demo server with udp for free with below configuration & Use Demo Server 2 for unlimited us after 100Mb even. Now configure it with below settings.

PD Proxy configuration for free GPRS trick:

Enter your Username and password in PD proxy, and Configure the Following Settings


Proto Options TCP Server
  Port Port:443

Parent Proxy 
 Enable Parent Proxy


Port: 80

Headers : Host: X-Online-Host:

Headers : are known as Home page


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